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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

March 22: Milwaukee, Wisc.
At lunch today, I had the honor of declaring the Milwaukee Press Club an SPJ Historic Site in Journalism.

The club, which formed in 1885, is the oldest continuously operating press club in the Americas. It's a fascinating place. Early in its history, members began asking dignitaries who visited to sign their names on the wall with white chalk. The tradition continues today and includes more than 1,300 autographs dating back to the 1890s.

Historic Site in Journalism plaqueWhen the club moved from the original site, members cut the signatures out of the wooden wall and took them along to the new location. Now, they are framed and a few hundred, which rotate every few months, hang on the wall at the current site. I saw the scrawls of Louis Armstrong, Babe Ruth and William Howard Taft to name a few. I was flattered when they asked me to sign one, but I won't blame them if mine does not see much time on the wall.

Another of the club's amazing posessions is a mumified cat, named Anubis, that was found at one of its locations over the years. It led to a club slogan, "Where the only thing dead is the cat."

After lunch, I talked about where I see the future of journalism and technology going. Tonight, there will be dinner. In Milwaukee, it must be sausages and beer.

The photo shows me (left) with Press Club President Steve Jagler and the bronze plaque that will grace the front of the building. More pictures.


Blogger Krista said...

Hey Prof. Carlson,
I just found this link today. It's great getting an update on your travels and SPJ activities. Hope you're having fun, and travel safe!
~Krista Vaught

8:39 PM  

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