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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

April 4: Home again
Bummer! Every flight I've had so far this year has been within 15 minutes of an "on-time" arrival -- until last night.

Here it is the day the Florida Gators are playing in the national championship game of the NCAA basketball tournament. I'm supposed to get in to GNV at 8 p.m., in plenty of time for a 9:20 p.m. TV tipoff. Nope. Atlanta Heartsfield International had a power outage on Concourse D. That delayed my flight -- and all the other flights -- for hours. I got to GNV at 10:45. My bag didn't make it, though, taking more precious minutes. In the end, I saw the last 2:35 of the game.

But it came out right -- the Gators won.


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