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Saturday, April 08, 2006

April 7: Athens, Ga.
Today finds me at the SPJ Region 3 conference at the University of Georgia Continuing Education Center in Athens. It's a beautiful facility.

Wife Jeanne and I drove up from Gainesville yesterday, from the home of the Florida Gators to the home of an arch rival in the SEC, the Georgia Bulldogs. On the way, the air conditioning in the car began to act up, so we decided to stop at a roadside mechanic shop on our way into Athens.

We walked in to find the place decked out -- floor to ceiling -- in red and black, all the way to the University of Georgia wallpaper and a wall full of photos of the Bulldog mascots, Uga I, II, III and IV. We were relieved that it was the wife's car we were driving. It has no University of Florida insignia on it; my car does. School spirit runs high in this part of the South, so it might have made a difference in whether they would be willing to check things out at 3:30 on a Friday afternoon. The news was bad, and not because we are Gators: We can limp home, but we're going to need a new AC system.

Fortunately, the news from the conference is better than the news about the car: Great educational sessions attended by more than 60 students and professionals from around the Southeast. The Mark of Excellence Awards were handed out at lunch, and the University of Florida again won the most awards. We got 30; Alabama was second with 18 and Georgia was third with 12.

More good news is that Sunday is supposed to be cool, so we'll limp home to get the AC fixed.


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